Awaken your spiritual path, fall gently into the knowing that life is a journey – learning to live in the present while making peace with the past.


There are times when we all feel an uneasiness seeping in – where we feel caught up in an emotional storm of sorts and no matter which way we turn, we can’t seem to find our way ‘out’.


Together we can explore the desire to live a more peaceful life - one you are worthy of living. You deserve to find your truth. You deserve to be treated with love, respect, compassion, honored for who you are and supported in pursuing the life you long to live.


 I use varying techniques such as inner journey-work, guided mediations, journaling and intimate conversations to guide you through a profound personal awakening.


Come with me as on this adventure of self-discovery and awakening to all that awaits ~ The ancestors are calling – will you answer their call?

"Janet's wisdom and spriritual guidance touched my life profoundly. I'm grateful for the insights, spiritual teachings, and clarity she brought to my life."

— Karen, California

"The real magic of my working with Janet came when she shared a message she was given in the 'Other World' from my ancestors. Since the healing I have experienced freedom from old limiting beliefs. They're just gone! Thank you, Janet."

— Glenda, Oregon

@2017 by Janet Stanley.