Begin your spiritual quest in a safe and supportive environment where you can land softly without worry or concern. 

Deepen your connection,discover your own awakening, and live the life you long for.



90-minute session

I work with individuals one-on-one in my yurt tucked away in our forest amongst the faeries and forest spirits or via Skype.  I employ different approaches to meet the client’s needs and to help with their exploration of their inner world. The changes are profound and life altering as we delve deep into their deepest desires. These approaches may include shamanic journeying, intimate conversations, journaling, energy healing, soul retrieval and communing with Mother Nature.



In Irish Celtic tradition, the Cailleach or Wise Woman was revered and honored by their clan. They were the healers, wisdom bearers and elders whose inherent wisdom was sought. Many recognize her as the old hag at her cauldron. These ceremonies celebrate the crone in each of us as we embrace our elderhood. An elevated status earned through a lifetime of experiences that now translate into magick and mystery. Come and claim your Cronehood with me to honor the inner wisdom that resides in your soul.

prices vary


3 or 6 month package

Are you caught up in an emotional storm and can't seem to find your way out? The mentorship program is designed to take steps forward out of this uneasiness. Together, we will embark upon a spiritual journey that will transform your life. 


I will guide you down a path of self-discovery through personal inquiry. You will learn to trust your inner knowing and embrace your heart and soul’s deepest desires.




I am an Ordained Minister with The International Assembly of Spiritual Healers and Earth Stewarts.  I create meaningful and distinctly personal ceremonies for people just like you. I will provide you with a heartfelt and most sacred wedding or vow renewal to be treasured for a lifetime. Fees are based on a number of variables I am happy to discuss with you. 

prices vary


The circle is an intimate gathering where our voices are heard; our wisdom respected. It is a deeper way to connect with women in a safe, welcoming and confidential setting. If you have ever yearned to connect with other women spiritually, enrich your soul and connect more deeply with Mother Earth, please join me on the rim of the cauldron. We meet monthly in my yurt tucked away in our forest amongst the faeries and forest spirits.



The Celtic Way of Seeing


Join me for a one-day retreat at my home in the forest.  We will delve into the mystery of how the ancient Irish Celts lived close to
Earth Mother, how nature and the Turning of the Wheel influenced
their way of daily living, and how that wisdom can enrich
and deepen our spiritual lives today.

Please bring a journal, eye pillow or scarf, a rattle and/or drum
(I have extras if you do not have one) and lunch
 (there is a refrigerator for your use). Please wear shoes that will allow for a walk in the woods
Tea & coffee will be provided.

Register early

Limited to 10 Women




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