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Wisdom & Aging With Grace

Wisdom & Aging with Grace

There is something about us humans that allows us to think there will always be time – time to make amends, time to do what we have longed to do for so long, time to care for ourselves, time to visit a friend we haven’t seen – time to change those things we don’t like about ourselves – time to heal old wounds – time to face our fears – time to live the life our heart and soul desire, time to be with our families – TIME

Until we reach a certain age and we are faced with the knowing that the vast majority of our life has been lived and what remains is unknown. When we stand on the timeline of our life, from our birth to the present moment, and as we look behind us we see so many more of our years have been lived than what is in front of us. However long that might be, we can choose to live with conscious intent or we can continue to delude ourselves into believing there is time…..

I’ve come to embrace the knowing that Elderhood is a gift. A precious jewel that draws back the curtain to the reality that life, and the years we have left to live it, is limited. It sharpens our focus and brings into view what is truly important to us. And allows us to face ourselves in a manner that hasn’t been available to us until the moment, when we acknowledge to ourselves, that we are the Elders of whom we have heard much about. And the wisdom we have gained through living our lives is worthy of being heard.

I turn 65 in a couple of weeks. I recently found myself saying, “I don’t feel 65”. And then wondered, what does 65 feel like? That’s the wisdom we have gained that we can now fall back on and realize we get to decide what 65, 55, or 80 feels like. And looks like. We get to be whom we choose to be not who we believe others expect us to be in our Eldlerhood. We get to decide how we’ll dress, speak, love, what we’ll protest - what we’ll embrace – what we will allow in our lives and most importantly, what we won’t. It’s a sense of freedom – this knowing that the years in front of us are fewer than the years that lie behind us and that this is our moment to breathe in what an exhilarating ride this can be. This is our moment to take our place in our families, our clans, our communities and guide with a gentle, but firm hand, those who come behind us towards a more loving, honest, compassionate, peaceful, inclusive and grateful co-existence among all of Mother Earth’s inhabitants.

This is our calling – this is our responsibility – this is what our Elderhood is meant to be. Let us lead by example. Let us rise and meet the challenge of aging with grace – with truth – and with unwavering love.

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@2017 by Janet Stanley.