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We Are All In This Together

We are living in a time of great uncertainty. Many of us feel as though we’ve been set adrift in a sea of fear, anger, sadness, overwhelm, anxiety and so much more. There is very little we can be sure of during these unprecedented times. Even our basic needs – shelter and food have been called into question as we struggle to meet our financial obligations and to put food on the table. Many of us have gone grocery shopping to be faced with empty shelves and shortages of items, due to some who have chosen to hoard items without concern for their fellow humans, and being frightened about caring for our families. Seeing our elderly struggle as they are isolated from their families due to quarantines in senior living facilities. Children not able to understand the world they once knew no longer exists – going to school, playing at the park, visiting with their friends, going to soccer, piano and dance lessons, bike riding and so much more. Families attempting to create stability while so much is in flux. And some of us experiencing anger as we watch people who are not honoring the stay-at-home Executive Orders placing themselves and the rest of us in danger. Believing their right to do as they please overrides the health and well-being of those of us who are doing all we can to keep ourselves and our communities safe.

So many of our sisters and brothers are suffering. Many find the isolation unbearable. Not being able to go about their lives as they did prior to the pandemic. So much will have shifted. So much will have been altered as we learn new rhythms of being.And I believe this will be our saving grace; creating new ways of moving through the world and learning more deeply than ever before just how connected we truly are to one another around the globe.  

Spending time with our families that previously many would assert they didn’t have time for. Exploring our own internal world – possibly facing the pain and sorrow we have so successfully kept at bay by our ever-unrelenting norm of ‘doing’. We humans are quite adept at turning away from our inner lives as we go about our incessant need of being busy.Earth Mother is calling out to us – she is communicating an urgent message I can only hope and pray we heed. What will sustain us? How will we reach out to help those in need? How do we become better stewards of Earth Mother, Father Sky and all their inhabitants? How do we alter our habitual need to consume and replace that need with the desire to care for Earth Mother and for one another? What will be the stories future generations tell about how we responded to COVID-19 and the worldwide pandemic? Who will be our story tellers?

Shamanism and its practitioners see the world as energy. The words we speak, the thoughts we think and the daydreams we dream all are energy that finds its way into the collective. There is so much each of us can do to contribute to the healing that is so desperately needed at this time on Mother Earth.We have the power to transform the energy behind our grief, anger, fear and anxiety. We can envision light, love, peace and healing reminding ourselves we are powerful beings and when we embrace the collective in unity, we are able to transform our world.I encourage us all to take a moment and ask ourselves, if what we are doing, is empowering the world. If not, what can we do that will be meaningful to us? It is a time to remind ourselves that the ancestors and compassionate spirits are with us. It’s the very moment to embrace our spiritual lives, open our hearts and dream into being a world where kindness and the human spirit guide us, highlighting what many of us have known for quite some time – we are intimately interconnected and even the smallest ripple can cause a tidal wave of harmony to our global community.

I believe we are being given a rare opportunity to expand our hearts – enrich our souls and contribute to the healing of all of Mother Earth’s inhabitants. Let us answer the call.

Blessings, love & light to you and yours,

Janet (aka Crone)

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@2017 by Janet Stanley.