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Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is a time when we stop and acknowledge our deep love and gratitude to those who have touched our lives in meaningful ways. A time to remember how love is ours to give and ours alone. Being loving in this very complex and turbulent time is a gift that can transform a person's life. It may shine a ray of sunshine that illuminates all that is good. It can remind us how love can be a healing balm and how we have the power to touch someone's life. My mom is 91 and lives on our property in her 30' ft. yurt. It was magical to see her so enjoy going out to lunch and being surrounded by part of our extended family. I saw the smile when she opened her card and take in the love that surrounded her. I hope you have an opportunity to touch an elder's life to let them know they are not forgotten. To give yourself the opportunity to experience such innocence. May love embrace you and remind you, you are worthy of being held gently, of being loved unconditionally and loving unconditionally. 💐❤️

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