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I’ve been searching my heart for words of wisdom to find their way onto paper for this Newsletter. My heart aches, as I am sure many of yours do, as we witness the utter chaos, violence and disregard for life we are experiencing in our country.Where peaceful protests are taking place and where some are being disbanded by police force and tear gas.As a person whose life work, until I retired, was fighting for social justice – giving voice to many who felt they had no voice, I am fearful for those who are exercising rights guaranteed under the Constitution; the right to free speech and the right to peaceful assembly.

What the Ancestors have taught me and many others is,hate doesn’t conquer hate.Love does that. Acts of kindness do that. Being a light in someone’s life does that. Making allowances to agree to disagree can do that. Reaching out to someone in pain can do that.Praying, chanting, meditating, contemplation – all can conquer hate.

I’ve been wrestling with the knowing that so many individuals carry hate in their hearts –a hate that consumes their very being giving them permission to kill another without cause.Allows them to break up peaceful protests with force. Allows them to re-write history, supporting their myopic ideologies without care or concern. And we as a country, have collectively allowed this to happen on our watch.

On June 28th, 1969 in the early morning hours, the Stonewall Inn in the Greenwich Village neighborhood of Manhattan, New York City was raided by police – AGAIN. The Stonewall catered to the LGBT community providing a safe space where my sisters and brothers could go to be with one another without the fear of being beaten up and/or worse killed for who they were and who they loved. This was not the only time police had raided the Stonewall – what was different on this night was the patrons stood up to them. This began the Stonewall Riots from June 28, 1969 – July 3, 1969 marking the beginning of the LGBT Civil Rights Movement.

This came after untold number of years of oppression and being beaten down as a minority. Of losing their lives to those who engaged in hate crimes often without being held accountable.My sisters and brothers fought for their right to be. They fought police brutality and said ENOUGH. No one outside of our community would have known about the on-going harassment and abuse at the hands of the police had those, courageous enough to risk their lives, had not taken to the streets.

Knowing our country is once again witnessing people taking to the streets, breaks my heart and saddens my soul. Not because I disagree with the protests (I do not support violence to make a point),rather because those courageous enough to show up are having to do this at all.

I’ve searched my heart and soul on how best I can respond to all that is surrounding each and every one of us. Watching the blatant disregard for human life that is occurring across the country and experiencing the division and schism that grows wider amongst our communities has caused an internal earthquake, jarring me awake. I have anguished over how I might contribute in some small way to help us find our way back to common decency, respect for others regardless if we agree or disagree, lending a helping hand when someone is in need, and so much more. The Coronavirus is still with us and its effects will be long lasting.Both COVID-19 and the Uprising have left a path of destruction in their wake.We can choose to see them as gifts guiding us into a way of living that will be sustainable for all who share Earth Mother if we find the courage and seek wisdom from within or we can give in to the despair they have created for so many.

Sandra Ingerman, a world renown Shaman, speaks eloquently about how stars shine. It’s what they do. There’s no effort. It’s not decided if they’re going to shine tonight then not tomorrow night –they shine – they just do- sending beautiful light into the night’s sky illuminating the beauty of the cosmos. There’s no need to set an intention to shine – no need to send their light to someone or somewhere in particular – their light is meant for all who take notice and witness the magick and mystery ofthese beacons we call stars.And which the Ancestors had an intimate relationship.

Wonder if each of us became a beacon of light. Not sending it to anyone or any place.  Just shining as we move through our days.  For us, it is an intention. We choose whether or not we want to shine and be part of the change we so desperately want and need to see. It takes practice to learn to shine. And once I began contemplating what Sandra has spoken of, I began to envision all the possible light we could bring into the world and the healing it would usher in.

I believe it is possible. I believe this is the time.I believe we have a rare opportunity to contribute to find our collective humanity and become part of a movement. A mass global movement of beings shining their light into the world by just being who they are. A dear friend of mine recently shared a message she received from her Ancestors. She had been contemplating how she might contribute to the healing our world so desperately needs. They told her, being her is enough. I understood immediately what they meant. When you are around her you can’t help but feel her light. She shines. She just does.  She is making a difference – we can too. Global wisdom traditions teach us significant change comes through great upheaval that is often fraught with pain. I believe the mysteries of the cosmos and the wisdom of Earth Mother will help guide us through the transformation Planet Earth and all of her inhabitants so desperately need. My question is:Will we discover the insights and find the courage to listen to the wisdom that is available to us if we make our intention known to the Universe? Will we create a world where diversity is embraced, differences celebrated, and differing traditions honored? I believe we will. I hope you’ll join me in re-discovering the magick and mysteries that await inviting us to shine – to become a beacon of light to help guide others who have lost their way. To heal and to bless.

Blessings to you and yours ~


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@2017 by Janet Stanley.