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Spring Has Arrived ~ Welcoming the Celebration of Ostara

ANCIENT WISDOM with Janet L. Stanley, M.A. 

Today we welcome Spring - what a beautiful time of the year to see the first flowers blooming - days are getting warmer and our gardens are beckoning.  The Spring Equinox is the day when day  and night are equal. When Mother Earth is in balance as she ushers in new beginnings, new awakenings and a time of celebrating all that is possible.  Today I decorated for Spring with eggs in a rainbow of colors, hares of  different shapes and sizes and flowers bursting with fragrance.I spent time in my  garden communing with Mother Earth, listening to the birds singing and hummingbirds flying by so closely I could hear the beauty of their wings. Embrace all that awaits you - spend time outside tonight drinking in the full moon and understand our spiritual journey is intimately connected with Earth Mother and all her inhabitants. Blessings,  Janet

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