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Ostara and Saint Patrick's Day

I've been asked why I haven't sent out a Happy St. Patrick's Day greeting. For many of us, we see Saint Patrick in a different light. It has been said Saint Patrick drove the snakes out from Ireland. Many don't realize the snake is a Pagan symbol. The snakes he drove from Ireland were not snakes in the literal sense but Pagans and their Earth-based spirituality (specifically Celtic) that he drove out of Ireland. Once again, it is no surprise to see this holiday so close to Ostara - the Pagan celebration of the coming of Spring. It was at the Spring Equinox or Vernal Equinox (as it is also known) that this turning of the wheel was honored. This was an ancient tradition that many of us still honor today. This year it falls on March 20th and signifies fertility and the awakening of Earth Mother. Plant some flowers - bury a decorated egg as a symbol of fertility - create a wreath in celebration of all that is coming to life for your altar - clean out your space both internally and externally to allow new and exhilarating energy to find you - May you dance under the full moon - sing with abandon and howl as though it is your soul crying out - WE ARE ONE ~ Blessings Janet

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