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Love is a Verb

When we say I love you, or I miss you or sign something lots of love do our actions reflect those words? Or do we say them to appease ourselves, allowing ourselves to believe that since we voiced how we feel that’s all that it requires. Or have those words, or others similar, become void of meaning? When we learn of an elder whose health is failing and we tell ourselves how sad it is to hear that, do we take action to brighten their day or is telling ourselves they’ll be fine enough so that we can fool ourselves into believing there isn’t anything else we need to do?

How often have we witnessed (often within our own families) actions that have caused great sorrow, pain, grief, suffering and cruelty by words spoken and/or actions taken?

I know we all speak out of turn and/or behave in ways we know didn’t reflect the person we want others to know us to be. How many of us have turned our backs on someone we profess to love not thinking for a moment how it would feel if they had done the same to us? I understand we can all be unkind. And yet I wonder, how many of us are able to be honest with ourselves, own our actions and words and go back and sincerely apologize for the hurt we’ve caused another?

I have certainly had to clean up messes I’ve caused. Words I’ve spoken - actions I’ve taken that were not my best self. They brought pain and sorrow into someone’s life I needed to claim as mine and make amends; a humbling experience and yet a necessary one. A moment of reckoning, if you will, facing myself - asking myself am I truly the spiritual being I profess to be or do I merely say I’m walking this path believing that is enough? I know it is how I behave not what I say that makes me who I am.

But what about those of us, whose actions and/or words have caused the type of wounds that can shatter a person’s life and continue to go about our lives rationalizing our behavior by pointing out a slight the other person caused as a way to excuse our behavior? That we justify our actions by the actions of others not having the heart to see how we are wreaking havoc in someone else’s life by our own need to lash out.

Like many of you, I have been the recipient of words and actions that have been extremely hurtful. Is some instances, have caused me, what I call, exquisitely excruciating pain. Where it feels as though a knife has cut deep into your heart and the blade continues to cut deeper and deeper with no end in sight. When I have reached out and spoken my truth and the other has all but stated they have no responsibility in the interaction; that it all hung on my shoulders. These occurrences have given me the gift of insight – knowing I never want to be the cause of this kind of pain to anyone. And to do so, I must hold myself accountable for the words I speak and the actions I take.

I look around and see what is taking place within our own country and around the world and wonder how have we become a species that is so disconnected from our heart and soul’s truest nature. Where we believe saying I love you or miss you is enough. Where saying we want clean air, peace throughout the world, the healing of Mother Earth and Father Sky and yet continue to act in ways that don’t reflect these words or sentiments.

What I have come to know is that love is a verb not a noun. If we want to be different, be different. If we want more kindness in our world be kinder. If we want to heal Mother Earth act in ways that heal her not hurt her. If we want cleaner air to breathe, plant more trees. Actions not words will impact our lives and the world we share with all of Earth Mother’s inhabitants.

There is a knowing that has been revealed to me. A knowing I believe can contribute to our truly making a difference I invite us all to embrace -

Anyone can say anything to anyone as often as they like whenever they like – if you want to know the true character of someone, watch how they move in the world. How they treat others. Their actions will give you great insight into who they truly are; not the words they speak.

I invite us all to practice the art of truth telling; most importantly to ourselves. To be able to look ourselves in the mirror and be able to not only love who we are but to respect who we are. Would we be proud of how we treat others and how we move through the world if we were the observer?

Spring is a time of a magnificent display of all that is possible. Flowers peeking out from the earth where they have been hibernating through the winter months, blossoms bursting forth on the trees, birds singing, bees buzzing, butterflies showing off their beautiful wings, and creepy crawlers coming to visit once again. So much awakening taking place. May our own awakening take flight. May we soar with the hawks and eagles and learn to view our world from a different perspective. May we each take actions that represent the possibilities of the renewal of life ~ for it is in those actions where hope resides ~

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