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I Like Getting Old

Today I'm celebrating my 65th birthday. I've received such lovely birthday greetings from friends and family bringing such beautiful magick to my life. Isn't it fitting, being a Crone to delve deeper into the inner wisdom that awaits all of us as we age and experience the richness of life. I like getting old. I like the freedom that comes with it. I like doing things that others may call outrageous. I like knowing much of what I didn't in my 30's, 40's and 50's. I like seeing things more clearly - not muddled in what others expect or want of me. I like sharing the honor of being the matriarchs of our families with my wife, knowing we have greater responsibilities in passing down the wisdom that comes with living a full life. I understand the great mystery of life is the unknown and that it is a rich place to be. My strength is exhibited differently and I like that. I know loss is a part of living and that, if we allow it, it can teach us much. I know the sun will rise again and will set again. And as each cycle of each day completes itself, I know life does go on. I embrace who I am and who I am becoming.I've learned to accept life as it presents itself which means at times accepting the unacceptable with grace. I'm blessed to be 65 ~ another year lived fully and looking forward to what is awaiting me in the coming year. Happy Birthday to me ~

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