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Happy Thanksgiving to One and All

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

I believe we all we have the power to transform our lives. As Mother Earth transforms herself throughout the year,we too have that same capability. During this time of year we speak of gratitude, being thankful and appreciating all that is. And yet, many of us find ourselves struggling with the status of our lives.

We look around and see what others have that we don’t.  

We yearn for something that seems to be out of our reach.

We find ourselves focusing more on what we don’t have than what we do.

We seem to be grounded in a mindset of scarcity –

where we believe we will never have enough.  

And yet we want more.

This type of thinking impacts how we view ourselves and the world around us.

We can become judgmental about our shortcomings (as we see them) and wonder ‘why not us?”

We may find ourselves feeling jealous and/or envious of others. We may even believe we aren't deserving.

As these layers build they impact every aspect of our lives. We are dissatisfied

with, what we see as, a life of less.

Now wonder if upon waking each morning we expressed gratitude for our lives and all that we have been blessed with.

That we genuinely embrace all that is good in our lives and begin to focus more intently on the earth’s beauty that surrounds us rather than on the ‘things’ we don’t have. We pay more attention to the food and drink that will help us begin our day and offer thanks for the workers, soil, sun and water that made the bounty possible.

When we walk outside we drink in all that we can see, hear, feel and sense. And we are able to more fully embrace the richness of our lives.

Slowly we begin to understand 'wildness' is a necessity to our happiness and well-being – not things. That true contentment is not found in the things we acquire but rather in our willingness to explore our inner lives and know this is where we will find the secrets to living a life of gratitude. Where we begin an on-going sensual celebration of the beauty of life.

We begin to more deeply understand the gift we give ourselves when we create sanctuaries of stillness in our lives. And understand silence can be an uncomfortable teacher and guide.

Yet great power and healing wait in the folds of silence and solitude. As Frank MacEowen states in

The Mist Filled Path

 “In a culture that measures worth by how much we own or by what we ‘do’, it is a radical act to investigate who we truly are beyond our property values or professional titles’.

This is the season of thanksgiving and gratitude. Where our spiritual awakening can serve as a threshold to a richer understanding that our happiness will not be found in things but in our relationships with others and most importantly with ourselves. Where caring for Mother Earth and all her inhabitants is a celebration of life. And where living a life of gratitude is key to our happiness.

May you each find fulfillment in the inner riches awaiting you deep within your soul 

HAPPY THANKSGIVING  to you and yours ~


Janet (aka Crone)

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@2017 by Janet Stanley.