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I've been thinking a lot about forgiveness. What is it about forgiveness that so many of us find difficult to extend? Why are our hearts so hardened against letting go of a profound wound in our life? What benefit do we derive from holding onto the hurt? I believe many of us feel forgiveness equates with excusing the behavior of the person(s) whose transgression has caused us a deep felt pain. In my own life I have both asked for forgiveness and learned to extend it. It didn't come easily. In fact, it took years. It took me understanding forgiveness had nothing to do with forgetting nor did it mean no longer holding the person accountable who had caused me harm. What it did do for me was free me from allowing my past to define who I am today. It was a process. It didn't happen overnight. But it did happen. My heart became lighter. My worldview shifted. My soul took flight once again. If you or a loved one is struggling with forgiveness, I would be honored to work with you in healing the wounds that still hold you back from living your heart and soul's deepest desire. Blessings janetlstanley.com

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