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Happy New Year! Welcome to Ancient Wisdom.

As we usher in the new year, there is a sense of new beginnings – new possibilities – a sense we can begin again – where we can set aside what no longer serves us and embrace that which we want to manifest in the coming year.

I began thinking about what prevents us from calling in what we long for in our lives; that which we yearn for and yet find it out of reach. What are those prevailing forces that tend to pull us off our path derailing the journey we know awaits us? Maybe it’s not believing in our birthright to live our lives fully; to see ourselves as powerful people with the strength and conviction to succeed. Maybe we have turned our lives over to another allowing them two lives to live and we are merely living day-to-day believing this is all we deserve. So many of us have lost our voices not speaking our truth and going ‘along with’ so as not to make waves. We lose ourselves and allow others to define who we are, how we are to be and what we are worthy of having in our lives. That we truly do not believe we have the right to our lives living them as we deem appropriate and instead allow others’ use of guilt and fear dictate how we will and won’t move through the world often ignoring our own inner knowing.

We are, each and everyone one of us, capable of manifesting what we long for in our lives. We are worthy of living our lives fully and to do so with integrity, compassion and grace. It is our birthright to claim our lives as ours.

So let’s get honest with ourselves and delve deep into that place of our inner knowing while asking ourselves the following. How often do each of us voice our desires – dare to dream of living our heart and souls deepest longings then talk ourselves out of pursuing those dreams because of a fear we can’t quite identify?

How often have we heard others’ doubts of what we envision and find ourselves slipping into an old pattern because we believed those voices and took it to heart?

Wonder if all we heard were words of encouragement; sentiments of support? Voices that help open our hearts telling us to reach beyond what we think is possible.  And when we find ourselves wavering, there is a steady hand to help us find the courage and determination we know ourselves capable of?

Wonder if we could simply start from where we are as we mend bridges with loved ones and not dwell on a past we can’t change? That we love enough to know we can do this without anyone having to lose their dignity? Where we can find each other once again and look to celebrating what comes next? When the war of words is settled with grace and compassion? Taking the time to ask ourselves do we want to be right or do we want to fill our hearts with love and be in right relation with those who are part of our story?

All of this and so much more is awaiting us.  I invite you to awaken your spiritual path, fall gently into the knowing that life is a journey – learning to live in the present while making peace with the past.

If you would like to awaken the stirrings from within, together we can explore your desire to live a more peaceful life - one you are worthy of living. You deserve to find your truth. You deserve to be treated with love, respect, compassion, honored for who you are and supported in pursuing the life you long to live.

I use varying techniques such as inner journey-work, guided meditations,, journaling and intimate conversations to guide you through a profound personal awakening.

Come with me as on this adventure of self-discovery and awakening to all that awaits ~ The ancestors are calling – will you answer their call?

I look forward to hearing from those who believe this is the moment in their life to spread their wings and take flight. I can be reached at: shamanicCrone@gmail.com OR 541-450-7533.


Janet (aka Crone)

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